Rudra Pooja (English) – Shravan Special

Rudra Pooja (English) – Shravan Special

Rudra Pooja

– H.H.Sri Sri Ravishankar could recite the Bhagvad Gita by heart at the age of four. Right from His school days, He used to immerse himself in pranayam, meditation, chanting mantras & performing poojas. He also performs Rudra Pooja every Monday and during Navratri from many years.

But He has not limited the rights to perform puja only to himself. All his disciples who have vowed to adopt Brahmacharya can perform this puja. These disciples perform thousands of Rudra Pooja in the auspicious month of Shravan all over India and worship Shiva Consciousness.

Guruji says Puja is the outcome of Total Consciousness. When we perform puja in temples, at home etc., directly or indirectly we demand something from God, Such puja can never be Complete. The moment we perform puja with demanding it loses its sanctity. On the contrary, when we express our gratitude to whatever we have been given in abundance by God without asking, that itself becomes Puja in the real sense.

In the Rudra Pooja performed by the Art of Living, mainly Sun, Ganapati, Maa Durga, Mahavishnu & Rudra means Lord Shiva are worshipped. Milk, ghee, honey, curd and sugar /jaggery is used for the abhishek. The puja mainly consists of Pranayam, Sankalp & to immerse ourselves in deep meditation amidst the melodious chanting of mantras. The puja ends with Satsang in a enthusiastic atmosphere. Before the puja begins, Naadi shodhan pranayam is to be done. Thereafter, with Total faith that our wish will be definitely fulfilled, to surrender ourselves completely to Lord Shiva in the form of meditation. After the puja is over, celebrate by participating in the divine Satsang.
The chanting/Listening of mantras together help to remove all negativity from our life & environment. The participants also experience a state of deep meditation & peace.


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