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Swami Pranavananda (Formerly known as Brahmachari Santosh Kapadne) has devoted his full life to The Art of Living and H H Sri Sri Ravishankar, since he attended his first Art of Living course in Feb 2000. That turned out to be a day of transformation in his life. Today he is Maharashtra coordinator of the Art of Living bureau of communication and also a teacher who travels all over Maharashtra, UP, MP, Gujarat to teach Pranayam, Meditation, Sri Sri Yoga, Youth empowerment program , Art of living programs for the media and Apex and Sahaj Samadhi meditation, Advance Meditation Program (Part 2) etc.

means that which is born out of fullness.

~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Feb 6 - 10


Feb 11

Meeting at Pune

Feb 13

Shivratri Celebration at Nagpur

Feb 15 - 20

Meetings in Pune

Feb 22 - 26

Happiness Program at Tembhurni, Solapur

March 1 - 4

Advance Course in Ahmadnagar

March 8 - 11

Advance Course at Triveni Ashram, Pune

March 13 - 18

Attending Gurudev's visits in Maharashtra

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